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Sun Mar 4, 2018, 3:17 AM
Hey guys, first of all I want to thank those of you that wished me a happy birthday yesterday c; I had a good day and got some good presents, good cake, good food, yes

Also this person CareLessDemonWolf has been visiting me this weekend as well, and now on her last day here, today, she decided that the floor in my kitchen wasn't clean enough, and knocked over a bucket of water, which I then had to help her clean up. She just stood there, confused like a little puppy who didn't know what to do.

Also as I'm writing this  she is looking at me oddly, or, something. She didn't really want me to write this but LOOK AT ME GO :D

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WoLF - Q and A (Angel)

Sat Feb 24, 2018, 10:35 AM
Hey guys. If any one has been curious about WoLF-Angel, whether you're in WoLF or just a fan of his outside the community, and had or has questions, comments or anything you were wondering about, and wanted his point of view on... Now I will be granting all you the chance to ask him questions. You can virtually ask him any questions, though, due to his personality and how he is as an individual, please do not get offended if the response he gives you unsettles or offends you in anyway. (Remember he's not 'real', and that when the questions are answered, they'll be answered in-character, as Angel would be answering, had he been physically real. - Viewer Discretion is advised.)

Here's the boy:

WoLF: Angel Application (Re-imagined) by CXCR

As mentioned above, you can ask this monochrome boy any question that you may have. If the questions are really good, you might even recieve a DRAWN answer. (Do not count on it from the start though, I as an artist am very stressed and scatter brained, so it's a big maybe).

Angel's answers will be written as a reply, questions should be in this journal, in a comment. Remember to adress him as politely as possible, he's a strange boy. Don't let him intimidate you either, btw. - Also be clear as to if you as a person is asking him, or if any of your characters are asking him, so he knows how to adress you back.


Let the questions come!

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Join my Discord Server

Sat Jan 6, 2018, 5:05 AM
Wanna get in touch with me easier?
Wanna be sure that I've seen your message?
Wanna ask me questions?

Not that I don't read messages on dA, but I tend to forget answering comments and mentions after a set amount of time.
Which has absolutely nothing to do about you, trust me.

Lately however, I am being very active on Discord. In fact, I am ALWAYS online (because it's too bothersome to log in and out of my phone constantly), so no matter what, there's a chance I'll see your post quicker and be able to reply quicker (and BETTER) than I have proven to be able to on here.

Follow this link:

It should work forever, so yeah, idk. let me know if it stops working and you'd like to join.

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Tue Nov 7, 2017, 12:43 PM
So apparently I have low levels of vitamin D (damn u sun) and high bloodsugar xD

Wifey told me to eat more fruits and vegetables. Wifey also told me I can't eat noodles anymo
or drink energy drinks, or consume large amounts of fastfood and candy, and that I can't just
eat donuts and stuff because it tastes good

why must there be so many rules and restrictions to trying to be healthy and avoid getting sick e_e
I BROKE THE RULES ON THE FIRST DAY LOL. I had noodles with cheese for dinner and drank a redbull.

Still waitin' on the wngs though.

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Help a friend out

Fri Oct 6, 2017, 6:25 AM
Hey kids and adults of many different ages!
I have a good friend, this friend nihtgield who's selling an YCH for core membership!

Help her keep her core membership <3
Go check it out below:
Set Price Wolf YCH! -OPEN- (paypal + price change) by nihtgield

and while you're at it, you can also check out the rest of her art, it's really fabulous and if I had money myself, I'd be helping her out directly, but I'm flatbroke myself and am struggling rn

but please, go help her out, it'd mean a lot to me if you did

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Sun Oct 1, 2017, 10:50 AM
I need.
So this is what I'm gonna do.

I am gonna offer some 10$ pixel icons like these two three:
Smith pixel 2 by CXCR  Angel Pixel Icon by CXCR  Anti E Pixel Icon by CXCR
I will try to make them 100x100 if I can fit the canine inside the small canvas alright without insanely breaking it's anatomy lol. Anywho, taking a few slots for those, but please only canine characters.

I am also doing a few 15$ Flatcolored Headshots.
Prefer canines, but can attempt felines.
I can attempt anthro-ish style, or feral.

idk I'll update this journal when I don't take these coms anymore it's just, I'm really low on money and my bills are insane and I don't get enough money and I can't get an 'actual' job or anything and I can't keep trying to get money from my parents or my grandpa.

also in regards to poses for the pixels, if you don't give me an idea for a pose, it'll just be random, mkay?

good, so just write a comment to this journal if you're interested in anything

Skin by SimplySilent
So guys. When someone harasses you on skype, what is your best way of dealing with it? Blocking and deleting them? And if so, would you think that deleting and blocking them everywhere would be smart, to avoid having them harass you anywhere else?

Let me know in the comments.

Meme Time

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 10, 2017, 12:22 PM

Stolen from Shadow-Carlisle

I am insanely bored these days, okay, just.. Have fun

A- Age: 23

B- Biggest Fear: Uhhhh probably open water, I can't swim and I fear drowning. Oh and plane crashes. Whilst I'm on it. 

C- Current Time: 9:22 PM

D- Drink you last had:
 Some sports soda drink.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: I really don't know. devCareLessDemonWolf: maybe

F- Favorite Song: I don't know there's too many songs that I like ;W; uhm..... I've been listening a lot to Allegro Agitato by Two Steps From Hell, recently.

G- Ghosts, are they real: I believe they might exist.

H- Hometown: Sørbymagle, Denmark (Don't ask or bring it up)

I- In love with:
 No one.

J- Jealous Of: Everyone, or, most people. Rich people, people in happy relationships, people?

K- Killed Someone?:
 Not yet

L- Last time you cried?:
 It's a while ago

M- Middle Name: I'd rather not tell

N- Number of Siblings: 1 younger brother (19 years old) and a younger sister (17 years old) 

O- One Wish: To get rich

P- Person who you last called: One of my teachers

Q- Question you're always asked: I get asked about how I'm feeling/doing a lot.

R- Reason to smile: None, tbh.

S- Song last sung: Some eminem song, I think.

T- Time you woke up: 07:01 AM. The sun was shining in through my windows.

U- Underwear Color: Black.

V- Vacation Destination: At home. Summervacation. Next month. (I'm not rich enough to go on vacations)

W- Worst Habit: Listening to music while people try to talk to me.

X- X-Rays you've had: Arm and teeth.

Y- Your favorite food: Junkfood mainly. I do love most types of meat though, particularly steak.

Z- Zodiac: Pisces


Ha ha ha ha

Username Meme

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 29, 2017, 4:12 PM

Tagged by TwiztydAllure


1. Spell out your username using song titles.
2. Tag as many people as possible.

Car Radio (Twenty One Pilots)
Xenogenisis (TheFatRat)
Children of Cain (Marilyn Manson)
Remember The Name (Fort Minor ft. Styles Of Beyond)

DindellaTheDefender CareLessDemonWolf Little-Lisika vovscurial Velkss zabimaruu
short list but I don't know enough people that I'm confident enough tagging ahahah


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 22, 2017, 3:37 AM

Any of you guys playing? If so, how about adding me as a friend on there. On FlightRising I am CXCR

Feel free to take a stroll through my lair, though currently nothing is being sold and I am just waiting for exalt fodder to be old enough to be trained in coli, so I can exalt them for more money. (I am so low on treasure omg)

I have quite a lot of skins/accents from the Mistrel Jamboree event this year though.
2x Windblown Bonzai (Female Fae accent - I don't own Faes)

2x Autumn Galestorm (Male Guardian accent - I have guardians, but none of which this skin would look good on)

2x Face of the Wind (Male Snapper accents - I don't own Snappers)

2x Windsinger Worshipper (Female Coatl skins - I own one female, but her apparel doesn't go with this skin so I can't use it for anything)

I also have other skins I am going to sell of, which is;
Skogsbrand (Male Imperial skin - from the Flameforgers Festival 2015)
Cursed Watcher (Male Imperial skin - from Riot of Rot 2015)
Wishmaker (Female Tundra skin)
However, if you see dragons you like, you can always pm me about breeding them, so you can buy one of their offspring (if both dragons are ready for breeding that is)

I have ALSO bred with other users dragons. By having them send me their female over and then I kept her for that week it takes to incubate the nest, then the owner of the female gets first pick of the offspring and gets the chosen offspring and the female dragon back again.

My males do never leave my lair, for any reason, except exalt, IF they are for exalting, or are incorrectly trained.
My current projects is getting more dragons into level 25 (and these dragons are not exalt fodder or for sale). It's more.. For show. I think?
I see the levels of the dragons as a status symbol for some reason, and the higher the level, the better the dragon.

ALSO, my skilss at dressing up my dragons, is a bit vague, and only few dragons look nice in their apparel, which includes Dimitri (skydancer male, metallic x alloy + spines), Ebony (ridgeback, cherub x peregrine + glimmer - obsidian) and Lancir (guardian, cherub x peregrine + glimmer).

anyways, feel free to take a look around for yourselves.

Disclaimer: It's needless to say, but of course I didn't draw the dragons or design the skins/accents. All of the art from FR belongs to the respective artists and designers that made it, and FR.
I simply provided screenshots for the event skins/accents to let you know how it looked like (in case, like, you didn't know ahhah)

Artblock - What are your solutions?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 20, 2017, 5:35 PM

Every artist knows the trouble, and everyone experiences it at one point or another, and sometimes they strike you down when you're feeling most creative. You try to create things, but everything looks, seems or sounds wrong. (Depending on what kind of artist you are, as we know, there's quite a few). But the problem is the same.

So guys, my faithful watchers and friends amongst those, what are your solutions/remedies when you have an artblock? I am looking for solutions as my own ideas and go's at getting rid of this obnoxious artblock, simply does not work. Listening to something other than my preferred playlist for drawing does not work, trying to draw things I don't draw a lot or ain't particularly good at either, doesn't work either.

I know it sometimes works to challenge yourself with something different, but when it doesn't work, and things still look horribly wrong and extremely wonky... What do you guys do? I am curious to know and desperately needs tips/ideas on how to get rid of this particular artblock.


and on a completely different note, on top of feeling and seeming incapable of drawing anything, it really takes my spirit away for doing refs or works of my fursonas or older ocs, so I am looking to have new ones created, but due to the artblock, my creativity is severely impaired. So I'd like to ask you guys for ideas for what kind of character I should make. You don't need to draw it or sketch it yourself, just throw me some ideas if you want <3

my only requirements for the idea is that it has to be something I can draw. Sadly that means no horns, no wings and certainly no plant eaters/herbivore creatures. At least not for the head. I am all for attempting mixing different things together to see if I can find something that works for me. But in general, designs and ideas for designs can't be too complicated or I'll break my neck ( not REALLY break my neck, it's a saying you know Cx ) trying to draw it, and then just end up abandoning it.

You are in no way forced to shoot ideas at me for a new character, nor are you forced to give me solutions to the artblock, but if you feel like helping me out, or trying to, it would be amazing <3 I'll try to get back as fast as I can to those who comment with ideas/solutions.

This ever happened to you?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 4, 2017, 9:24 AM

That DeviantART took the same payment twice for something you bought ONE of?

Cause I bought a 3 month core membership today, and they charged me when I bought it, which is exactly as it should
BUT I just got home, log in to see if I have enough money to afford some snacks or dinner from the grocery store and I see they charged me for the same thing AGAIN so there's two payuments to deviantart awaiting, for the same thing

but I only have 3 months core membership?

So, has something like that ever happened to you? Let me know, and was deviantart willing to cancel one of the charges so you didn't overpay? (I have already posted in the help desk, dw)

More about CXCR

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 4, 2017, 4:24 AM

As promised, and because I got time and loathe physical activities, and I got a few hours to spend, I will be filling this out. Like I promised in the 'about me' box on my front page, here I will let you know a lot more. This is because I don't want to fill up my page with a lot of information that could be placed elsewhere, to make everything a little more organized and pretty.

I already mentioned that I am FTM, some knows what it means, and some doesn't. It means that I, first of all, am a transgendered individual. This means I go by male pronouns, and will not respond at all if you refer to me with female pronouns, names or god forbid, my deadname. If you know my name, don't ever use it. Call me Ivan or Pitt, in order to stay on good terms with me, and if you have really big problems with respecting my pronouns, let's meet on a middle ground. This is where you use genderneutral pronouns (They, them, their), and still use Pitt as a call name.

Of course I'll still respond to CXCR, being as that is my username here. If we're friends on skype, you'll learn that I am listed as a male, because that's what FTMs are, regardless of what narrow minds think, and you will learn that I rarely change my name, and if I do, it would be to yet another male name. - Respect it. Don't defend my deadname or the wrong gender, don't assume that I'm confused. I am not.

However, enough about that. You need to understand that I have a few mental situations that makes my life a bit harder than what I need.
These being social anxiety (Powered even more by my Aspergers), depressed tendencies, self-destructive tendencies and sometimes even suicidal-tendencies. This means that I am sometimes less popular to talk to, I know that, and I will try to leave people alone when times are hard. However, people everywhere can contribute to NOT making things hard for me. For instance, don't flame me, don't roast me, don't try to tease, taunt, bully or mock me, don't tell me that I should be sent on the street, don't tell me I shouldn't get money, DON'T tell me that I shouldn't use the money I have on the necessities I need to live just because you think I don't deserve what I get. It's hard enough I think so myself, I don't need others to say it too, cause it makes it worse.

My social anxiety makes it hard for me to communicate and engage in social events. I don't like people, and strangers terrify me, even if it's a woman or man I will never in my life see again. My social anxiety makes me paranoid and it stresses me out uneccessarily.

I KNOW, I KNOW. That's a lot of negative things, but it's something that should be said anyway, I like to be forward and upfront with people, and letting them know where my line goes, where they can step to, and where they can't. But as there are negative subjects, there's a LOT of positive ones as well.

For one thing, many of my friends refer to me as a nice person, and a loyal friend at that. I am constantly called creative and imaginative by those around me when I am out and about, as supposed to. Let it be known, that I am very friendly and very rational and understanding for the most part. I always love to chat, frankly more with those that I know well, but I am always willing to try and make new friends. I am also very understanding and I have s trong sense of right and wrong. I usually respect people as long as they also respect me.

In regards to respect though, if you don't respect me, do not expect me to respect you either. I won't go and be a meanie just like that though either, unless you act that way first, but I will be more monotone towards you and be more likely to ignore you, or prioritize you lowly. I am well behaved after all, my parents did well raising me, regardless of what you may think.

Also, there are multiple people that do not like me, for varied reasons. I have been called 'Manipulative' and specially I was once called a "pro at the art of mental manipulation", and I have also been called intimidating and I bet some has also refered to be as a control freak. True, I do like to have some control, and I definitely love to be in control of my own endeavors, my own business, my own OCS, but I am NOT as bad as my haters has made it sound.

I don't see myself ad manipulative of any kind, and if I appear to be doing so, let me know. If I DO something that makes you uncomfortable or scares you, tell me and tell me what, and I can change it. I am willing to, I do not aim to scare people or manipulate them. Those are ALL very nasty things to do, and I don't want to be seen as a villain. I know I'm not necessarily a hero either, but that's because my morals DO tend to deviate in various situations. I see myself as a neutral, something in between the two. (Despite the D&D alignment test saying I was 'Chaotic Evil' <- Rubbish!)

~More will be added. Stay tuned


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 4, 2017, 1:31 AM
First of all: I finally got core membership again, so no more deviantART begging me to turn off adblocker, or showing me dumb advertisements when I use a computer or browser without an adblocker.

Three months this time around becuase I have a tight problem with bills this month.
two birthdays coming up as well, guess who's screwed?

on a completely different note

Yesterday was a really good day. We had about identities, sexualities, findinf yourself, our opinion on such stuff and whatnot. It was great cause I had my opportunity to let people know what to call me and what definitely NOT to call me, I made them realize that they should not use my deadname or anything, and they were all really understanding and they still are.

We talked about how some people are narrow minded today and doesn't understand, and one of my classmates encourage (endorse??? idk) the idea of ignoring people that misgender me or uses my deadname, and if to respond at all, to respond with "Oh excuse me, who were you talking to again?"

It's really nice when people are openminded and understanding. makes it a LOT MORE inviting to show up for school, work and what not.

I will try to become more active also, but I am in such a huge artblock and I feel like I can't draw to save my life lol.

The Last of Us

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 12:33 AM
I am playing the last of us and I am stuck. I literally have no idea how to get further and get past these zombie and it bothers me.

been too long ince I played it omg.


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2017, 6:21 AM
yes. deal with it.


the probability of me getting money next month is super low. so the chances that I'll end up on the street is super high.

that means I probably won't be able to access dA.

again this is all because of my money problems. I'll be without education, without a home without anything at all.

I suppose it's all the same. No one really cares.
Since there's no interest in adoptables from me I won't do any.

Sorry to be an inconvenience to everybody?

Money Rant (Yes, sorry)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2017, 8:35 PM
Okay so everybody knows that I have financial issues, EVERYONE knows that I can't even afford food, and can barely afford stuff like internet, electricity, heat, water, etc. Everyone fucking knows all my money is taken on the 1st of Every goddamn month.

Why is that?

I pay a lot to pay back a FORCED loan.
I pay a lot in house rent. (It's a small appartment I live in. One bedroom appartment but with own kitchen and bath, but ohboy, look at that, I don't even have an oven.) - It's too small to seek extra money.

And apparently I'm not 'sick' enough to get more money from the state or whatever.
Everybody expects me to give them money. Everyone.

Sure, I'd rather pay my bills than end up going to court and having to pay even more, or ending on the street. I fancy having a home, don't get me wrong, but I don't fancy being unable to live this already shitty life.

Being in this financial crisis is PART reason of my suicidal mindset (Dw. I am a coward, so I can't kill myself, but if the chance EVER comes to die, without having to kill myself. GODDAMNIT I'LL FUCKING TAKE IT.)

One thing that really grinds my gears though, is how IGNORANT some people seem to be, just because THEY have enough money for THEMSELVES to get by.

No body seems to understand that most of the times when I say "Oh, gotta stay home today" it is because I don't have the money to go anywhere. I don't own a car, and despite my parents having a car, no, I can't borrow that when I can't take the bus because of moneys.

"Why not?" how about I don't have the money to pay a parking ticket?
How about I don't have the money to pay for gas?
I'd have to put aside a lot of money, per month, if I were to borrow the car. That money would be for gas, parking tickets, eventual damages to the car (because many assholes don't know how to fucking drive) - so I can't do that.

I can't hike out to the school, I can't run. Obviously I can't teleport either or fly.
I physically can't get there. It's not because I am lazy or necessarily demotivated.

It's not because I don't know that I won't get money if I don't show up.

it stresses me. It makes me anxious, and I sink lower.

"Why don't you just cut off some of your stuff to get more money?"
Great idea. Like what? My internet? So I can't check messages from the state and from the psychiatric hospital I'm ASSIGNED to? My video service? So my tv becomes utterly useless? No. Spotify? OOOH yeah so I can spend mornings and entire days listening to 99% advertisements and get stressed because I can't avoid strangers and the outside world? No. Crunchyroll? I could but tbh I have so many things on there that I actively follow and watches so I can't besides that's cheap. - My phone? Great idea. Then literally noone can get hold of me. INCLUDING my contact persons, my therapeut, my parents. So no

None of the things above are things I can get out of.
I am far from done with the debt and I have multiple things to pay. Debt for the loan, debt for a bill for electricity that I never recieved until a YEAR after I had moved out.

I literally do not have money to live, and yet everyone thinks I'm just lazy.
I am ALREADY not eating because I can't afford it.
My sleeping pattern is fucked cause some people keep me up sometimes, and because the rest of the time, the stress gives me insomnia.

I am CONSTANTLY tired. Even if I get 8 hours of sleep. I am permanently tired no matter what I do, and it's because my situation drains me.

I know, no one cares. In fact, some people think it's my own fault. Sure, yeah, I wanted to take a loan to move into a place where I didn't want to live. Sure, yeah, I see that haha.

Totally my fault that I was blackmailed into that. Sure. Yes. Wow.

And then some people go "Why not get a job?" - That's a marvelous idea, but thanks to my RSI, my foot, my mental state and inability to function in society like a normal person, that's not really an option, not even if it WOULD get me more money than what I'm already recieving, which isn't enough.

"Why not open commissions?" - I am slow, I procrastinate and it stresses me. I already have like 3 commissions to work on, and 2 out of free are for 'fictional' currency (actually spots for more characters on an rp side because I'm a sucker lol) and the rest is way overdue (gosh I'm sorry it's taking so long :icondindellathedefender: ;w; I really wanted to be finished with it quickly but I'm so stressed omg) - besides my prices are too low to get me out of my financial crisis.

I am forced to go and beg my parents for help, earning me patronizing looks and sassy remarks  from my brother, such as "He moved out you know, he should be able to take care of himself." - "Why do you give him money? He should have some himself." and so on. My sister always expects me to drive her everywhere and gets upset when I say I can't. Be it because I'm tired, sick or has other plans. Like new years eve, when she wanted me to drive her to a party, despite it not being further away than for her being able to literally WALK there herself.

And when my parents don't have the funds? Hey look at that, I borrow the car to go and rant at my grandpa, because I am his single favorite grandchild and SOMETIMES he gives me some money. Which is then used on food and other necessities, but I NEVER end up with enough money to get by, and when I DO get an absurd amount of money, I am EXPECTED to share it with my patronizing bitch brother and my miss perfect geek sister, AS IF I owe them something.

They DON'T appreciate me struggling for them like that either, and still thinks it's unfair when I get money. JUST because they don't have a crisis of their own.

Oh my fucking god.
Maybe I should sell a kidney? They're worth a lot RIGHT? jfc.

Rant over. Sorry for bothering you all.

- Also on a sidenote, to everyone I am currently rp'ing with and have not responded to yet
I am so sorry, December was a really tough month and I've been super stressed and it's just not wearing off. I'll try to answer as soon as possible. thanks for being patient with me.

Delve Into Character - Angel

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 12:50 PM
tagged by everidi

  • Delve into the 1 character you were tagged into by answering the questions below. Each section must contain at least 200 words to count for the challenge.
  • Once finished, tag other players, choosing 1 character you would like to learn more about!
  • Tag backs are allowed! You must choose a character that hasn't been delved into yet.
  • Have fun thinking outside the box!


WoLF: Angel Application (Re-imagined) by CXCR

What went into the character’s design and why? Be specific.
Angel is an OC I have in multiple different universes, and his design appears to be slightly changed in each universe. His design in WolF being the most realistic one, apart from his standard human design (He is originally a human character, but because I can't daw humans, I made a wolf design for him, though that is very different from his current design in WolF.) Originally I found an image of an assumed male model with long black hair and white eyes, I since then tried to draw Angel, giving him shorter hair, but still black hair, white skinned, white eyes, wearing glasses and having one stray hair at the front. Usually wearing black suits of expensive brands. (Hence his monochrome designs as a wolf). Because he was longhaired to begin with, and when I first designed him as a wolf, I gave him a thick 'mane', to make him appear 'larger' than what he initially is. In all AU's with him, his strength is slightly above average. So stronger than your average human or wolf, but not so much as to make it unnatural. Because of the way he carries himself, he almost never raises his tail as a wolf (At least I have not yet pictured it, and I doubt that he ever would.)

His first design as a wolf looked like this:
Angel Pose Set 1 by CXCR
and this is also how he looks in some of my other AU's (i.e. his pelt as an anthro in my anthro-verse, still looks like this, and in the universe where I have him and Ren (a pretty red floof of mine), he also still carries this design, as a result of how he looks as a human in that AU.

Just for the fun of it, his human design after he got a haircut, looked like this:
Angel ah by CXCR
So thin, but somewhat sensual, sporting black clothes, Glasses to aid him with his bad vision during the day, though at night he would be unlikely to wear them, because his eyes appear to work better in the dark.

Recount some of the important parts of their history. What are your feelings about their history up to this point? Think “Director’s Cut.”
Angel's life has similar important parts or "milestones" in all of the universes that he exists in. They are more easily explained in the human/anthroverse where he originally is from. Where he losthis parents at the age of 12, (as a wolf he lost his parents somewhere in his juvenile years). In the Human/Anthroverse his parents died in an 'accident', though later thought into it, and considering higher powers wanting him due to his intelligence, a plan was devized to kill his parents, making it look like an accident. - In the wolf verses, his parents died during a hunt, and the alphas of the pack he was part of decided to keep him around because he was 'desirable'.

Next big milestone, human/anthroverse, was in his early 20s, where he, for whatever reason, decided to go on a massive killing-spree, successfully slaughtering the residents of a suburban neighborhood. In the wolf-verses, what he did was somewhat of a mystery, but the idea goes that he, likely, killed other packmembers for mysterious reasons. - In none of his AU's is it specified why, and there's nothing dictating that it's because of his mental disorders or high aggression. - Still leaving the reasons for his wrong doings, quite a mystery. - In the human/anthroverse, his acts of murder/aggression caused him jailtime, and with the guards and cops, lawyers and whatnot, being unable to get nto his reasons for doing so he was even, in those verses, sentenced to death (though saved by the government in the literal last moment.) - In the wolf-verse he was exiled, and his former pack likely hoped that he would land himself in enough trouble to get killed, or with his weak eyesight, be unable to do well enough in regards to finding prey and places to sleep and what not, get him in a bad condition and since then death.

However, that didn't happen and Angel has in the wolf-verses resided as a loner ever since, refusing to join new packs as a normal member, saying that "He is no pack wolf" but also stating that if he were to be part of a pack, he would "Be the alpha." - In the human/anthroverse, he has a high interest in jobs/positions that grants him power. In the human/anthroverse he was even an ally with the government, catching and killing/torturing enemies of the law and the country, and meanwhile devizing a drug to take away 'abilities'/enhancements away from other humans/anthros. It was much later revealed that he was a 'Gamemaster', a 'leader'. - In the wolfverse, he never became an alpha after leavng, but would occassionally team up with other lonewolves and would occassionally devize and command raids and attacks, function as a 'commander' in such cases.

His story differs a lot from the different AU's at this point though, given that he in the human/anthroverse appears to do constant changes between which side he stands on, causing mass confusion and doubt in him. - And before I forget it, in the human/anthroverse he also suffers from both Stage 3A stomach cancer and epilepsy, is somewhat psychotic and suffers from insomnia. - However, in the wolf-verse, he has no immediate sicknesses, except for the feral verse, mirroring the humanverse. In the CC-verse he still suffered from both Dyssocial Personality Disorder (Psychopathy) and Insomnia, as he does in the WolF-verse. - Other things he has in the human/anthroverse and the feralverse mirroring it, is CIP (Congenital analgasia or inability to feel pain). GIven how wolves aren't likely to have that, though, it resulted in CC-Angel AND WolF-Angel to not suffer from it, but instead have a higher tolerance to pain. (instead of not feeling pain, he feels it, but can handle an awful lot before succumbing to it.)

What does the future hold for your character? Throw out some speculation or plot ideas without giving away the entire goose. ;3
In all of the AU's that he exists in, his future is highly secret, as I like to keep people in the dark, wondering what is happening or going to happen to him or for him, though in the WolF-verse, I do aim towards Angel someday getting a pack of his own, even having made it a goal of his, to become an alpha. However, in regards to family, friends and what not, nothing is yet decided or set in stone. This is mainly due to Angel's lack of feelings and lack of interest of others, and inability to care for anyone that isn't himself, or of use or importance to him.

Much of his future is also a mystery because I have not yet figured out more than what I already have for him. Angel is quite easily the most well-thought through character of mine, and a lot of thought went into designing him, both visually and personality wise. I do intend that in the WolF-verse, there is pups somewhere in his future, and at least one design is already made, though, just for the purposes of being mysterious about it, I will not link anyone to it. Those that should see it have seened it, and I know that they loved it.

Whether he gets sick or anything else in the WolF-verse is not decided, and may not even happen at all, though it could still be a slight possibility (just to add to the character).

That's about as much as I can say. Without giving too much away. x)

How does it feel to really delve into a character? I hope you enjoyed reading about my character! Now it’s your turn. Delve into a character of your own and tag some friends!
Tbh. I think about Angel and his history, plot, character, etc, in all of his AUs a lot because he quite easily is my favorite characters out of all of the characters that I do have. I could have written a lot more, but I did not want to bore you all xD There's a lot to Angel, so yeah.

I am sorry guys, but I have literally no idea who to tag D: gosh I'm such a rulebreaker
I suppose you can pretend I tagged you to learn about one of your characters if you have a character you want to delve into


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Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.

Q: Who taught you to draw?
A: Everything I know is self taught. Things and tricks I have picked up from watching how my idols did it back in the day, and since then I've tweaked it to find my own way around the art.

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A: Currently I am using a Trust Flex Design Tablet. It's small and fits on my desk pretty well. Wouldn't mind a bigger one though but as of right now I can't afford that.. I am now using a Wacom Intuos which I got Christmas 2016.

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